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New Weight Reduction Option For Starpery TPE Sex Dolls

Recently, Starpery Doll released a new weight-reduction option for their TPE sex dolls, which can reduce the weight by 7-13 kg depending on the body type. For example, the 161cm C-cup doll will decrease from 38kg to 28kg. Good news, right?

For a long time, the weight of full-size dolls has haunted some doll owners, causing many inconveniences to many of them. So the TPE weight-reduction work undertaken by Starpery was an important step in the sex doll industry. And the doll community will be happy to hear about this weight-reduction trend.

Please note that Starpery’s silicone dolls already had foam cores. They’re now introducing it to the TPE dolls. Previously, it was believed that TPE dolls could not have foam cores due to the production process. Normally, hot liquid TPE will melt the foam, but Starpery seems to have found a solution.

This option is currently available to the public but is still in the testing phase. At the moment, no one knows if weight-reducing has a negative effect on softness or any other potential drawbacks. So the feedback from the first few customers will be important in the weight loss experiment.

Now, the weight-reduction option is only for Starpery TPE dolls. If you’re interested in this option, please feel free to contact us or send an email to