Angel Kiss

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Skin Tones of AngelKiss Dolls

AngelKiss Doll offers the three most common doll skin tones: Fair, Medium and Tan.

AngelKiss Doll ROS Feature

The ROS feature enhances silicone heads with unparalleled realistic details, compatible with these models: LS#50/#59/#60/#63/#64/#198/#266/#273, offering a new dimension of lifelike authenticity.

ROS & Oral Heating & Oral Auto-sucking Function

Angelkiss has innovated a heating function for their ROS silicone heads, simulating real human body warmth with an oral cavity temperature of 36.9℃. Note that this feature is exclusive to ROS silicone heads.

Additionally, they’ve introduced an oral auto-sucking function for an enhanced intimate experience, demonstrated in their latest video. This advanced feature is also specifically designed for ROS silicone heads.

Articulated Fingers Options for AngelKiss Dolls

AngelKiss Doll introduces their advanced articulated hands featuring a ball-jointed hand skeleton. These are designed to mimic the shape and movement of human fingers, a significant improvement over the common twisted copper wire skeletons prone to breaking. This innovative structure closely resembles a human hand, allowing for natural, life-like swinging movements and eliminating the issue of phalanges breaking through the skin.